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buepoint consulting would like to welcome you to our online home. We are a Vancouver Island based structural engineering firm specializing in custom residential and timber construction. If you are building a new home or structure or simply have concerns about any structure, please give us a call at (778) 400 1790 or send an email (engineering@buepoint.com) to discuss how we can meet your needs.
We have extensive experience working remotely and we love to utilize new ideas. We do plan to use this site as a source for information about structural engineering or building in general. If you come across an article that you think we might find interesting, send it our way!

New Victoria Office!

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Recently, buepoint consulting chose to expand to Victoria to handle a high demand in structural engineering services. The aim was to reduce our travel time, make it easy for us and cost effective for you. This Victoria home office helps us remain extremely competitive in the marketplace.  To accommodate various work commitments, our Victoria office operates on flexible hours, 08:00am to 04:30pm Monday to Friday

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Wood Structure vs Steel

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Grizzly Paw Brewing Company I recently came across an article about why timber might be a better choice than steel. As an engineer that has done a lot of timber work as well as steel design, I have come to appreciate both materials as they both have their strengths. The Grizzly Paw Brewery was a job I got to participate in and provides a compelling example of where timber triumphs.



Moisture Control

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I’m always interested in building envelope although this isn’t my area of expertise. Practice and advice vary greatly from builder to builder but the real difficulty comes in assessing best practices for the home’s climate.

Build A Better Home brochures


Build a Better Home

Preventing moisture from getting trapped in the building envelope is key to constructing long-lasting homes that stay dry and comfortable. Most of the construction details that help to keep a home dry are simple to install. Designed to provide builders and homeowners the construction guidelines they need to protect their homes against damaging moisture infiltration, the Build a Better Home program from APA encourages better building practices for the key elements of a residential structure: roofs, walls, and the foundation.